Mishka The Talking Husky Sings Alongside Owner

Published March 11, 2015 52,524 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHuskies are a real pearl of nature. They are friendly, gentle and dignified. Most of them strike us with their vividly blue eyes though the color of their eyes can come in six other different shades. Their soft look is what buys us at the first place. Huskies’ real nature comes to thrive in a family surrounding since they are great family dogs. They know how to tease children and be playful with them all along. Huskies might not be the best guard dogs but having one on your porch will brighten up your day.

Take a look at this cute dog that is being pulled out of bed by by the proposal ow her owner for to the doggy to to some singing. For a moment it is as if this Husky is yelling at its owner in the hopes that sounds of heaven are coming out. This video takes place in the owners house where the dog is sitting down and relaxing, until he is disturbed by some awful sound, after which he quickly gets up and starts howling.

You would have never expected actual sounds to come out of this puppy's mouth, but there is actually something there. Interesting enough, he does not seem to give up and keeps on pushing.

Watch as Mishka the Talking Husky sings her own version of "If You're Happy and You Know It." Bet you haven't seen a dog do that before!