Afterburner Camera Captures Stunning Fighter Jet Takeoff

strizhiruPublished: March 10, 2015Updated: March 11, 2015307,028 views
Published: March 10, 2015Updated: March 11, 2015

A video has emerged of an afterburner camera mounted on the back of a fighter jet showing amazing footage of what is like to witness a takeoff from the back of a jet. Watch this video and be amazed by the mesmerizing view!

Fighter jets are small military airplanes that are made to fight other airplanes. They are often fast, having aerodynamic shapes which enables them to easily move through air thanks to their powerful engines. Fighters can carry many different kinds of weapons, and while they may be used as attack aircraft, they are different from bombers because they are mainly designed to attack other airplanes.

Check out this incredible afterburner footage featuring a MiG-29K fighter jet as it takes off from an Indian aircraft carrier during recent test flights with Russian pilots. Doesn't it look magnificent?

An afterburner is a component present on some jet engines, mostly those used on military supersonic aircraft. Its purpose is to provide an increase in thrust, usually for supersonic flight, takeoff and for combat situations. Afterburning is achieved by injecting additional fuel into the jet pipe downstream of the turbine. Afterburning significantly increases thrust at the cost of very high fuel consumption and decreased fuel efficiency, limiting its practical use to short bursts.

It's almost always videos taken from another airplane or if the airplane is not flying too high then you can capture it on camera from the ground too. However, this footage shows direct footage of how one takeoff really looks like and it is truly stunning unless you are acrophobic!

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