Toddler plays peek-a-boo with bucket on head

RaisingArizonaPublished: March 7, 2015Updated: March 13, 201529,849 views
Published: March 7, 2015Updated: March 13, 2015

Of course there are many different ways to play peek-a-boo, but this one is just priceless! We all know the classic version played with hands in front of your eyes, but this toddler takes it a step further and plays it adorably with a bucket on her head. As long as it covers your eyes, right? Watch as she has the time of her life, peeking out of the bucket, then quickly putting it back over her eyes, just to let out the cutest giggle ever.

Children find the joy in anything that they do. Peek-a-boo, a childhood classic, provides yet another child unmeasurable amounts of joy. This timeless game is fun for the whole family, creating smiles and laughter for everyone.

Watch this toddler play the game with a bucket on her head. How cute is that?

Credit to 'Buzcuits916'

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