Siberian Husky playing gently with 7-month-old baby

troyslezakPublished: March 3, 2015Updated: March 4, 20151,570,876 views
Published: March 3, 2015Updated: March 4, 2015

Here you get possibly one of the cutest videos you'll come across. This little baby has taken a liking to this Siberian Husky. The Husky gently plays adorably with this baby, making sure not to do anything dangerous. Watch this duo as the Husky gives out plenty of kisses to the adorable baby, eventually leading the baby to have some fun and attempt to jump onto the Husky, causing them to actually crawl all over it. How cute!

A lot of people are hesitant to have their children around big dogs, whether it's their own or not. The important thing is to be aware of the dog's usual behavior. It's not worth it to take a chance. But this child was in no danger as you can see, this dog is very well behaved and trained.

Everyone loves a cute baby to brighten up their day. Add a dog into the mix, you got yourself a day that has been instantly brightened in a matter of seconds.

A usually hyper Siberian Husky gently plays with an adorable seven-month-old baby. Now that's a precious family moment!

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    • 1 rumble
      DollyFlop ยท 2 years ago

      what is it with people letting thei dogs lick their babies mouths? ffs it's been licking it's arse

      • 1 rumble
        LozinIt ยท 2 years ago

        OMG the dogs mouth is cleaner than allot of things that baby will pick up & put in her mouth. .. live & let live. So what is the dog supposed to just get drooled all over? No she likes her coat to be nice & soft not hard slimy &full of baby drool, Give the lady a break. With that baby auld her baths are farther & father apart. ..that do's via last awhile!