Puppy's Unsuccessful Barks Oddly Sound Like A Bird Chirping

teddyshowPublished: March 3, 2015Updated: July 4, 2018111,048 views
Published: March 3, 2015Updated: July 4, 2018

This dog-owner filmed the precious moment when the little puppy attempted barking on camera, but the only thing he did was emitting strange, funny noises, that he calls barks. When this adorable pooch tries to bark, the only thing we hear are the cute squeaky noises similar to bird chirping coming out of his mouth. Owner cannot help but giggle when she hears the outcome of pup’s barks. Watch as Poo the Doxie puppy barks like a bird in this adorable video. Ever hear that from a dog before? Hilarious!

Dogs have many ways of expressing themselves, barking being just one of them. There’s baying, growling, howling, yelping, whining, and finally - trying to imitate words. Some dogs, like the one from our video, are occasionally trying to replicate human speech, creating extremely funny sounds. So, this doggo probably wants to say something to owner, but fails to do so and unintentionally mimics the sounds of a bird chirping. What an amazing doggo!

Once dogs become a part of the family, they want to spend a ton of time with everyone. All they want is to get some belly rubs and to give you wet kisses which leads to follow you around everywhere and get showered with your attention. Footage shows a little rascal whining over something in the cuttest manner possible! He has developed his own language and is difficult to resist when he cries in discontent, or out of happiness, who knows!?

Dogs have an amazing ability, they always seem to be able to put a smile on our faces no matter what they are doing. This adorable puppy really wants something, but he needs to learn that humans don’t understand dog language. His adorable cries resemble a whiny baby, and we are still amazed by the strange yawning noises this grouchy canine pulled. How adorable is this little rascal?

This dog-owner filmed its dog’s funny attempts at barking on camera, but only manages to emit strange, funny noises, that resemble a bird chirping. Cuteness overload! Watch the hilarious moment when this adorable pup tries to bark, and the only thing we hear are the cute squeaky noises similar to toy sounds, or better yet, bird chirping. Owner cannot help but giggle when she hears the outcome of pup’s barks.

Dogs are cute and entertaining by nature, but the dog from our video is something else! He has the funniest bark ever! You might think we are exaggerating but when you hear this puppy howling and barking, you’ll understand what we’re talking about. We never heard a dog barking and howling this way! This doggo sounds so different compared to other dogs, but so similar when compared to birds! Funny!

How cute is this little guy? Isn't he just adorable? Watch as he tries to howl, but cuteness ensues. Can't blame the little guy for trying. He'll get it right one day! Until then, owner will enjoy the happy chirping and imagine she has a bird pet in the shape of a dog! Hilarious!

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