Newborn Baby Stops Crying After Recognizing Father’s Voice

Published March 3, 2015 2,523,687 Views $85.27 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsIf you're still not quite convinced how amazing the human body is, how about the fact that we can hear through the womb of our mother just 20 weeks after conception? Yeah, that's pretty awesome! Parents are always encouraged to talk to their infant during pregnancy in order to build up the bond with their baby.

Apparently, baby Isaac's mom and dad did a terrific job while waiting for him to arrive! Check out this amazing footage of baby Isaac who instantly stops crying once his father begins to talk to him. All dad had to do is say ‘It’s okay Isaac, it’s okay, I love you son,’ and hold him in his arms. It goes to show how important it is to talk to your baby while still in the womb!

This is the heartwarming moment when a crying newborn baby boy recognizes his father’s voice. We see the crying baby sitting in its hospital crib, and standing besides him is his father speaking to him in gentle voice, trying to sooth his cranky baby!

Moments later, the nurse picks up the baby and hands him to the father and they share an instant bond. It is incredible to witness such a precious moment and be convinced that babies do hear while still in the womb! Amazingly, this baby recognized his father’s voice and touch, and immediately stopped crying when he felt safe in his daddy’s arms! Cuteness overload!

The little boy seems to be in a good mood and he eagerly awaits to see what his dad looks like. The first thing he does is nest comfortably in daddy’s arms and listen to his appeasing voice. When dad says that everything is going to be all right, there is no need to worry, right?

It is truly an adorable moment between father and child and one that will continue for years and years to come we are sure!