Check Out This Amazing Recipe And Learn How To Make Delicious Chocolate Bowls

Published March 2, 2015 261,477 Views

If you have a sweet tooth that this is the perfect video for you!For the true chocoholic, just thinking about chocolate can evoke a pleasurable response. You may want to grab a bar or make a nice cup of hot cocoa before you begin watching this video! A step-by-step tutorial which shows you how to easily make delicious chocolate bowls! Fill them with ice cream for a fun party treat! Delicious! For these amazing chocolate bowls, you’ll need balloons and chocolate! Lots of chocolate!

Step 1: Put the chocolate in a bowl and then melt it for 30 seconds, make sure is nicely melted and if it’s not just stir it and you will get the structure you want!

Step 2: You make tiny little circles of chocolate on a cooking foil! This is the base for your chocolate bowls! After that just grease the balloon with some oil just to make sure the chocolate does not stick to the balloon. After you put the oil you dip the balloons nice and slowly in the chocolate to make the bowls and stick them to the base of the chocolate circles that you previously made.

Step 3: Let the chocolate to cool off for 1 hour to make sure the bowls are nice and firm! Gently pop the balloons and wallah you have delicious chocolate bowls. You can be creative and fill this bowl with ice cream, fruit or why not more chocolate! Tasty, isn't it?

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