Nature’s Ice Version Of Bubble Wrap Popping

Published March 2, 2015 36,016 Views

Rumble / Funny & WeirdHave you ever witnessed ice that looks like natures version of bubble wrap? Would you try to pop them bubbles open? This satisfying footage was filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina following winter storm Remus. Exploding under her weight, the air bubbles disperse with a satisfying sound, just like the real bubble wrap, and this woman is having a blast on the ice, as bits of ice propel from the sides of it from the pressure of her foot.

We have all had a wonderful moment popping bubble wrap, snapping those little plastic bubbles to our heart’s content. However, nature’s version of bubble wrap has appeared on top of an expanse of water in the Southeast of America and there’s only one thing to do, pop them bubbles. Stretching for as far as the eye can see, the air pockets of ice appear in a range of different shapes and sizes, and is very pleasing to watch this woman burst the bubbles away.

The video maker walks across the ice with the camera facing downwards so as to pick up her feet, capturing the very moment she tramples on the bubbles. Now, that's addictive! It’s amazing how nature has created its own bubble wrap ready for popping in the form of air pockets on a frozen lake. This phenomenon became the favourite stress release for the residents of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The wintery weather being experienced in the South East of America at the moment is due to a storm named Remus which was dubbed one of the heaviest snowstorms on record in parts of the surrounding Mississippi and Alabama, the weather has caused white outs, stand stills in traffic and even four deaths so far.

While, it is really fun to play in a white fluffy snow, it is even more fun to play with nature’s bubble wrap. Nature has given something in return following the nasty winter weather.

These natural air pockets seem to stretch all over the lake, forming bubbles in all different shapes and sizes. With the camera facing downwards, you can see the filmmaker popping the naturally formed air bubbles with her sneakers.

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