This Is The Fastest Way To Peel An Orange

Published March 2, 2015 6,923,415 Views

Sure, there are other types of fruit other than oranges, but their refreshing flavor cannot be replaced at any period of the year. They are juicy, brightly colored and taste amazing, but that is all spoiled when the fragrant flesh from the inside squirts on your fresh shirt and makes wanna throw that orange and just grab a banana!

What if we could tell you that there is a very simple, elegant and squirt-free way to cut into your orange and eat it too?

Say goodbye to picking and digging into the skin until your nails turn yellow and filled with fleshy pith. Just grab a cutting board or any other surface of your choice, take a nice sharp knife and begin the simplest peeling technique of all!

Cut away the top and the bottom just enough to reveal the flesh. Then, find a spot between two segments inside and cut all the way to the center. Then just set your knife down and use your two opposable thumbs to “uncoil" the fruit! Viola!

Simply use a knife to barely slice off the top and bottom of the orange, then slice the orange from the center to outer edge on one side. Then simply open the orange up and separate the orange sections. This technique is both easy and fast, and doesn’t make a mess!

Not only is it ready to eat in seconds, you don't need a dish! You are welcome.

Now share it with your friends to spare them of yellow, pithy nails!

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