Incredible Makeup Tutorial Transforms Artist Into A Sci-Fi Heroine

Published February 28, 2015 23,064 Views

Rumble / Do It YourselfAnastasia Stacie Vanelli is the new hot beauty guru: a model, makeup artist, blogger and vlogger at Moi Ostrov magazine and Studio and at Makeup By Vanelli. Half Russian half Cyprian, Anastasia studied photography in England and fashion with special effects makeup in Los Angeles before moving back to her hometown of Limassol. Despite her young age, she managed to stand out from the crowd and create her own identity, Anastasia Stacie Vanelli is now one of the most sought-after makeup artists. Her videos are covered worldwide by several media houses. Her talent has also brought her up close and personal with the movie industry: without being aware of it, you might have enjoyed her work in the movies Sanctioned (2016), Afairesis (2014) and Semele (2015).

In this easy step by step video, Vanelli transforms her exceptionally beautiful facial features into a pixey-looking character taken out of a science fiction novel. She starts with fully shading her face with a plain black foundation. Black is difficult to apply evenly, but the imperfections will not come to show because they will soon be covered by glitter. Next, she lines her waterline with a black pencil and uses matt black lipstick for her lips. Then she turns to applying the glitter which is represented by her favorite color combination that permeates through her artwork and definitely reveals her artistic signature is fuschia blue and white. Then, she lines her eyes with metallic gold. You can also put glitter on your hair and on your body. Use hairspray to fix the makeup. And – voila!

“Don’t forget to dream and reach for the stars!”