NFL Player's 2-Year-Old Son Belts Out National Anthem

9 years ago

This is so precious! Bengals long snapper Clark Harris and his wife Jessica watch as their adorable 2-year old son sings the 'Star Spangled Banner' at the Southern Regional High School varsity boys basketball game versus Pinelands Regional High School. This is one smart kid, and it doesn't look like he has any stage fright! He sings very nicely in front of a vast crowd, excellent job! Maybe we have a future performer in front of us; he pulled off an incredible performance.

At first, his dad comes out with him to make sure he is okay; it looks like Trent is excited to start! He grabs the microphone and belts out the lyrics! It may be difficult to understand what he is saying, but that doesn't mean he isn't doing a good job! It's already hard enough to perform in front of all those people. His parents must be so happy with Trent; he put on such an entertaining performance. I think the crowd agrees! They give him a big round of applause after, he deserved it! Great job!

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While many two-year-olds are as yet learning the letters in order, the child of a Cincinnati Bengals player has aced each expression of the Star-Spangled Banner.

On Tuesday night, two-year-old Trent Harris, child of long snapper Clark Harris, remained before a horde of secondary basketball fans and sang the National Anthem in the same words.

Harris conveyed Trent out on to the court in Manahawkin, New Jersey, before the amusement, gave him the receiver and remained around for a minute, ensuring his child was good to go. What an amazing child!

Babies are so cute. Everything that they do is just so darn adorable. From learning how to walk, to making the cutest noises, to singing the National Anthem! This darling baby might look like a mere toddler, but we believe his music sense is developed! Amazing! His parents were so proud of him, proud of his confidence and proud of bravery to go out on the stage and sing the National Anthem in front of all those people! That is something you don’t see every day! Congrats, Trent!

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