Affectionate Horse Shows Unconditional Love For His Doberman Buddy

We know that friendship is really important throughout one's life. We can learn quite a lot from our animal friends. They love one another regardless of their differences, which is why so many different species end up becoming the most unlikely best of buds! The only thing better than one animal is two! And if those two animals are friends? Golden! Here we see a very unusual friendship that will melt your heart.

In this video we have the friendly Doberman named Boss who’s best friend is Cantino which is a horse. That’s a combination you don’t see everyday, ha? They have been friends since they were babies and they have been living together over the years so they have managed to become very good friends. It’s clear that these guys have lots of love for one another and also have a lots of fun activities too. They have morning dance lessons,they give each other baths and when they have rough day massage it is! On different occasions you can spot them relax, hangout and just enjoying the time spent together.

We see unusual animal friendship everyday but nothing beats this special bond between Boss and Cantino. They have unconditional love and they are not afraid to show it everyday. God's cutest creatures can make some adorable and unlikely friendships and we think we all learned a lesson that nature works in such a beautiful ways! Here's proof we can all get along if we have a good heart!

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