Sleepy French Bulldog struggles to stay awake

MiyagirarefrenchiesPublished: February 24, 2015Updated: February 25, 20152,887 plays$7.00 earned
Published: February 24, 2015Updated: February 25, 2015

Sometimes we just need to take a nap, and on the rare occasion we can't control when that nap will be had. Effie is a 3 month old Blue Sable and Tan French Bulldog. Watch as she struggles to stay awake in the car as she goes for a Sunday morning drive with her dad to get a coffee. Looks like she could use a cup as well!

Not everyone is as cute as Effie when they're about to fall asleep. A good old cup of a puppachinno would wake her up right away, that's for sure! You can bet that she can't wait to go back and sleep in her doggy bed!

Check out this adorable puppy struggling to stay awake.

Credit to 'Miyagirarefrenchies'.

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