Guys Prank Coworker By Messing With The High Pressure Washer

9 years ago

We all know that taking care of our cars it's one of the priorities when it comes down to our car lasting longer and looking better. So, we take steps such as ether washing it our self or taking it down to the car washing station for some clean up. However, as we all know the process is not interesting nor captivating, on the contrary we now it to be very boring. So, for the time being, we like to run some errands while the person who does the cleaning can do their job and we can just get back, pay them and be on our way.

High pressure washers have become the next stars of the internet recently, after people have expressed that watching things get stripped of their mud and grime is soothing for them. And why wouldn't it be, watching things get washed and emerge from underneath almost brand new!

Pressure washers have been around since the beginning of the previous century. Today, you can get one of your very own pressure washers and soothe your soul by washing everything that is dirty in your vicinity! Just be warned, pressure washers can reach up to 30.000 pounds by square inch of pressure, which could be too much for you to handle, like it was for the mechanic in this video!

Recorded at a car shop in Serbia, this mechanic finds out the hard way how powerful a pressure washer can be. Looks like he's having some difficulty controlling it! Hilarious!

Credit to 'Bata75'.

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