Confused cat not sure how to handle baby

Published February 17, 2015 4,463,086 Views

This is so funny! This cat has no idea why there is a cute little baby in its presence. It looks so confused and very scared! Of course it is a very loving and peaceful cat, it just doesn't know what to expect. It seems like this is the cats first time seeing a baby.

This adorable baby touches the cats heads and it slowly moves, looking around with a sense of fear in its eyes. The cat leans back on a pillow, trying to get as far away as possible from the baby. The little baby starts to get closer to the cat. She just wants a new friend, but the cat isn't having it. It has no idea who this baby is and doesn't want to come close! The cat keeps moving back until there is no more room to move. It takes a big yawn and falls off the table! I bet it wasn't expecting that! The baby doesn't know where their friend has went, they has disappeared!

We hope the cat is okay! Someones going to need to give it some cat toys after that major fall! We know these two will become the best of friends, it will just take some time getting used to each other! Credit to 'svetak'.

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