Shark encounter in Hawaii

KarmaBankPublished: February 14, 2015Updated: March 6, 2015316 views
Published: February 14, 2015Updated: March 6, 2015

Would you ever dare to get so up close and personal with these monster sharks? Well these thrill seeking tourists in Hawaii decided to have a try, and they were met by a massive gathering of sharks. It is an experience like no other. Although they are in no real danger, being circled by several sharks has got to be extremely nerve-racking. It seems as if throughout the whole video that sharks are lurking, trying to properly identify the cage and the people inside, creating for the ultimate high adrenaline experience.

The shark population as a whole is not as dangerous as people believe. You are more likely to be killed by slipping and falling, or even falling out of your chair or bed. Many deep sea divers come into contact with sharks regularly, and an extremely small fraction of them have been involved in a shark situation resulting in injury or death.

So if you are an adrenaline junkie that wants to get your heart racing, or even just want to hangout with some sharks, next time you're on vacation you might consider going underwater in a shark cage.

Check out this gathering of sharks as tourists view from inside a cage in Hawaii. That's intense!

Credit to 'KarmaBank'

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