Selfish dog steals bed from friend

GinaOPublished: February 13, 2015104,085 views
Published: February 13, 2015

Animal lovers prepare to laugh out loud as this video will make you smile. While Sassy is relaxing on a pillow-bed, Pixie smoothly manages to flip it over, knocking her off and claiming it as her own. However, it doesn't appear that Sassy it too bothered by it. She just relaxes there, as if nothing happened at all! Good thing this got caught on camera as this is one hilarious clip! This is one clip that no pet owner should miss! Credit to 'Gina0'.

Isn't this just adorable and funny? We knew that dogs could get jealous of each other but who knew that they could get jealous of other's possessions too! You cannot help but to smile as Pixie takes the bed and uses it for herself! What a funny duo these two dogs are! Don't you just want to take them home with you?

You know if they need more dog beds for their canine friends, they could always get more dog beds from Amazon. That way maybe Pixie won't steal the bed again!

Do you know any animals that do stuff like this? Let us know in the comments!

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