Excited Poodle Puppy Can't Stop Dancing

furryKidsatplayPublished: February 12, 2015Updated: February 19, 2015460,028 views
Published: February 12, 2015Updated: February 19, 2015

This video shows several dogs looking out through a fence in excitement of being picked up from doggy daycare. There is only one dog that "differs" from the crowed and is most excited to be picked up.

This poodle certainly has the talent for dancing. She puts so much effort into "impressing" her owner and begging with her little paws to be picked up. She has quite the charm and positive energy which will sure make your day.

Nutella, the poodle puppy just loves to dance! This is how she shows off her best moves at her doggy daycare in Brisbane, Morningside, Australia. It is so adorable, makes you want to sign her up for a talent show!

Nutella just can't stop dancing and she is overly excited to be picked up from the doggy daycare. She stands on her back feet and dances with her paws raised up in the air.

She jumps up and down crying for attention which makes it look like she is dancing. She continuously shows off her best moves and will make you want to take her home with you.

All the other dogs around her don't seem to be bothered by her moves and stare with disbelief.

This sweet little puppy will put you in a great mood.

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  • 1 rumble
    billcr · 1 year ago

    there is a daycare for dogs?

  • 1 rumble
    billcr · 1 year ago

    irritating in the extreme to sit here or stand and watch this poodle 'dancing'. Would like to put my brothers ill-tempered Pit Bull in there with the dancing poodle. Would be epic....