Vigilant dog protects child near pool area

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Published: February 11, 2015Updated: February 13, 2015

What a beautiful bond these two share! As the young girl Sierra is picking some flowers from her backyard, Sebastian the Newfoundland dog, watches Sierra carefully to make sure she doesn't fall into the pool. Even though the pool has a safety cover, Sebastian is still just as protective. Sierra's safety is his main concern. This action from Sebastian shows he has so much unconditional love and just wants the best for his family. Dogs are such loyal friends, they always have your back!

How adorable is it to see these two buddies spending time together? Every time Sierra walks near the pool, Sebastian is there to make sure she doesn't fall in. Who needs a bodyguard when you have a doggy companion? Our dogs show so much love, why not reward them with something special? If you're looking for something exciting for your dog, check out some of these bestselling dog toys !

Credit to 'brenmichelle'.

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