How to play with lions at the zoo

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Published: February 10, 2015Updated: February 23, 2015

User 'ShareBear' claims that her husband makes everything more fun, as is evident in this video. Watch as he gets on all fours and runs back and forth, causing several younger lions to chase him around. How awesome is that?

Usually when we go to the zoo we just observe the animals, rarely engaging in fun stuff like this. That makes this moment a very special one, and also very fun!

The lionesses clearly have fun watching the man imitating them, and run around following his every move. One of them is even trying to say hello by jumping at the window.

Cats will be cats and this video is proof. Everyone, human or animal alike, likes to have some fun and play. And if someone manages to make you giggle at least, then you might say that they have actually made your day. The dude in this video's wife says that he is the life of the party, and apparently of the zoo as well.

Some viewers might say that he is taunting the animals for being held in captivity, but with so little to entertain the giant cats, we think it is quite okay that he tried to have some harmless fun with them.

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    • 3 rumbles
      jsterr1 · 9 weeks ago

      yes. jumping and pawing/clawing at you is how lions say "hello" *facepalm. good thing the author is far from any jungle. she (im making an assumption) would be the first to fucking get eaten. "awww...look. the kitty wants to play!" CHOMPCHOMPCHOMP OW MAKE IT CHOMPCHOMP STOP CHOMPCHOMP SOMEBODY HELP CHOMPCHOMPCHOMP

    • 3 rumbles
      kidsolo5 · 9 weeks ago

      Unfortunately this is not a positive thing to do. I can guarantee that if a keeper was present she/he would ask you to stop teasing the cats. It is instinctive for these cats to chase/hunt/kill. They are not being cutesy saying "Hello"!

    • 1 rumble
      hermiony · 7 weeks ago

      I would have loved to have been there that day. My son would have gotten a kick out of watching this and I recognized the zoo immediately as being Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake near me.

    • 1 rumble
      KDee · 3 weeks ago

      All this IDIOT is doing is teasing them. They are just playing with their food, like most felines do before they eat their prey! Movement is what stirs them up. What a dumbass!

    • 1 rumble
      justpassinby · 1 week ago

      you know what would have been more fun? throwing him in there with the lions so they could play without the glass getting in the way. let the lions "say hello" properly.