Helmet-camera captures skier caught in avalanche

Published February 7, 2015 542 Plays

Rumble / Close CallsSkiing in the mountains can be absolutely beautiful but scary at the same time if something goes wrong. That is why you have to be super careful when going. This video shows exactly that! This helmet-camera footage shows the incredible moment when a nearby skier got caught in an avalanche on the Arcelle run at Val d'Isere resort in southeastern France. Fortunately he was wearing proper gear and managed to escape without injury. This is one nerve-racking video that you do not want to miss!

You always have to be careful when going on any kind of skiing trips because something like this could happen. As much as these kind of trips are amazing, you have to make sure that you are properly equipped to go on these. Good thing this was not a big avalanche or things could have been much worse than they were. Aside from the bad situation, you have to admit that the scenery was breath-taking and gorgeous!

This man was very lucky that he got out. Good thing he was wearing the proper ski gear or else the unspeakable could have happened. None the less, this will surely be a memory that they will remember for a long time!