Students In Finland Made A Massive Snow Photography Display

Published January 28, 2015 3,237 Plays

Rumble / Time LapsesWhen snow falls, creativity takes over. Even though the white snow brings cold, it can have its beautiful side. Most of us know how to make a snowman out of the accumulated white cover, but there are some people that are such professionals and know how to use every single snowflake and turn it into an astonishing sculpture.

In the middle of January 2015, students from the Kuusamo college at the University of Lapland in North Finland decided to use their skills and go beyond their boundaries. Using their imagination, they created a massive snow photography display. 30 tons of snow and one ton of ice were needed for this creation of art to get its final look. It took five days of hard work, tons of hot cups of tea and maybe even some exercise to warm their hands and bodies so they can stay longer on the freezing temperatures. At the end all of this was totally worth it.

The final result will leave you amazed - a long snowy line where nine frozen photographs are being displayed and sculpture installations are filling the university yard. At night time, all of this looks even more beautiful.

As you can see in this one-minute time lapse video, these students needed excavators for the snow, scaffolding to make the massive shapes and of course, crafty hands. By doing this big winter photography display they proved themselves in front of their professors and the rest of the world. We give them a well deserved A+!

Good job you guys!