Giant Polar Bear Puppet Roams The Streets Of London

Published January 28, 2015 19,642 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeHave you ever been walking down the road and stumbled across a wild animal looking right at you? Probably not! The people on the London streets won’t be able to say that anymore! Maybe some of you have come across a wolf, a coyote, a rodent, or even a bear. Most likely, what you won’t see is an animal that is completely out of its habitat, visiting the streets of a crowded city. Take this video for example, which features an 8-foot polar bear roaming the streets of London! Obviously, this polar bear is not real, which could have been dangerous for both the people and the animals. A British television channel is using this puppet-controlled polar bear to celebrate the launch of their television show, Fortitude!

Although it is just a puppet, with people inside controlling it, this polar bear was able to fool a couple of people and send them into a panic! The polar bear is being marched out in the streets of London to welcome the show Fortitude. The Sky Atlantic employees call the show “their most ambitious drama to date.” The show takes place in the Arctic so it is no wonder there is a polar bear being used to promote the show! The polar bear is on the streets as people huddle around to see it and take pictures of it.

It must have been so interesting to stumble across a polar bear while walking down the road! This seems like a great promotion idea, as you can see the big crowds of people gathered around to see this massive puppet! The show supposedly features more polar bears than people, and it is something the characters in the show must deal with. What could be the best way to promote this type of a show than to release a “polar bear” onto the streets and have people react to it!

The team discusses the process of creating their polar bear puppet. They went through a lot of research to learn the look, and went through lots of sketches of their design! It takes them a minimum of four weeks to design and construct this polar bear. Many people and different departments are involved in the assembling process of constructing this original polar bear. There are molders, designers, fabricators, and many more that take part in the process. Once they have the mouth, body, and fur all done, the people inside the puppet must also learn the mannerisms of a polar bear. If they want their polar bear to seem authentic, they must study the bears and learn how they walk and do certain things!

The team was so excited to release their creation on the streets. This polar bear provided some great moments and some funny faces! Obviously, this reaction isn’t too far fetched. Imagine if an 8-foot polar bear was walking towards you on the sidewalk! Lots of the people claimed they got a bit nervous and thought it was real! The different teams involved with this experiment did an amazing job! The polar bear looks convincing, and the puppeteers couldn’t be more proud with it. Such an interesting and amazing idea of promoting their show!