Cat Decides To Take Down Flying Drone With A Swat!

Published January 26, 2015 132,041 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensThis black-eyed cat does what we’ve all been thinking: swatting down a drone like King Kong swats down a warplane from the pinnacle of the Empire State Building! He’s perched on the back of a stool at the kitchen counter, a place more suitable for a domesticated than the Empire State Building.

Could we get away with it? Well, even if people are not watching, the drone always is. That’s what drones do, after all, watch us. Most of the time we are indifferent to their prying eyes, but it can be disconcerting, even annoying to have our daily routine pried into. We’re speaking of our public activities, of course, but in this case the drone is flying in doors. And it seems that the drone pilot is deliberately trying to aggravate the poor kitty. Except that this kitty isn’t all that helpless.

With skilled prowess, a tilt of the head, and several swift right jabs, the cat eyes the drone like a rare bird it will soon add to its conquests. There’s trouble for the drone, which makes the mistake of approaching within striking range. A paw thrusts out, connecting. The mocking whir stutters, and the camera momentarily catches a mass of confused color, then loses focus, and it’s down!

We don’t know if this drone was originally a holiday gift, intended to give some aspiring film maker’s talents a lift. We see that person has stopped making epic movies and now uses the drone as a more expensive laser pointer, to stimulate the house pet. Such is the fate of nine tenths of all drones (an unscientific calculation), purchased to accomplish great projects and noble purposes, but find themselves delegated to degenerate entertainment, like once great warriors of Roman times wearing aprons and sweeping palace floors, or serving at banquets.

On the other hand, the cat does seem to enjoy the exercise. Does the flying intruder give him a chance to play the hero? You have to admit that cats playing this kind of game show much imagination. Maybe it’s imagining itself as a caped crusader, like Kato from the Green Hornet, saving his masters with skilled kung fu moves.

“Never fear, for I am here!”

“My fair kitten, you have come in the nick of time to save the day! Lo, the black hearted villain cometh to fetch me from my abode, but you are now here, my knight in shining armor, and all is well in the kingdom.”