The Most Comfortable Bed For A Cat Is A Sleeping Husky

Published January 22, 2015 4,836,927 Views

Cats are such funny animals! The majority of their life consists of sleeping. Cats are living the life! If you were to ask someone about cats, they would most likely say cats are jerks. Even cat owners and lovers of cats will agree to this! Of course, they are also great to cuddle buddies, and they can't help it if it's their natural instinct to be territorial. They will fight off any intruder, no matter how big they are! This is one reason that a dog and cat may not be the best pets to have in a house together.

It isn't possible for them to get along, it can be done, some cats and dogs might even become the best of friends! In this video, we can see who the boss is! The cat loves to shows its dominant role to us. This cat is the boss in the house, don't stop it from doing what it wants! Farina the cat, gives Maeby the husky a quick massage before turning the dog into the ultimate bed! Is there anything more cozy and warm than a husky? Farina doesn't think so! Maeby may not approve of Farina's behind being in her face, but it doesn't matter. This little kitty has found a comfortable spot, and she isn't going to move now! Farina is fortunate Maeby is a very easy going husky!

Check out this adorable video of Farina making herself the most comfortable bed possible! Well, can you blame the cat? That dog's fur looks so soft and comfy, and it doesn't get any better than that. So hilarious! The cat is smooth, and the dog is softy, imagine how good was the nap these two had. Don't you wish you were there taking a nap together with them?

Even though some people still believe that animals are not capable of having feelings and having best buddies who love to spent time together, but we think that with this heart-breathtakingly and adorable video will be a proof to everyone that animals can be best friends with humans, but they can also have other animals as best friends! Taking naps with your best friends is priceless, remember Ross and Joey from 'Friends' talking their best nap in the world?

Do you think this video is adorable, as much as we do? Well, if you do, don't forget to share it with your friends and family!

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