Cat gets comfortable on sleeping Husky

KedricPublished: January 22, 20153,557,327 views
Published: January 22, 2015

No matter who you ask, they will say that cats a jerks. Even life-long cat owners and lovers will agree to this fact! The main reason for this is actually their own natural instinct - cats are very territorial and will fight off any intruder, no matter their size.
That is the number one reason why it is not recommended to keep a cat and a dog together as pets, although it can be done and they might get along very well. It just might happen that the cat will take over the dominant role and rule over the pupper and basically everyone in the house.
Such is the case in this here video. Farina the cat gives Maeby the husky a quick massage before turning the dog into the ultimate bed. Now that's a cozy and warm spot to get some rest!

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