Frenchie Likes To Call For Treats By Ringing A Bell

lauraluluPublished: January 20, 2015180,587 views
Published: January 20, 2015

Louis is a young French bulldog which is livelier than you might suspect from his chunky appearance. Despite his glum expression, Louis is comical, entertaining, and dependably amiable. He loves to clown around and he is in the process of learning a new trick which requires him to ring a bell for a treat. Louis may get quite stubborn at moments and very challenging to train but as soon as he remembers what he has learned, responds to it well. No wonder why should food motivation be utilized with this dog – so he can be patient and persistent in his training sessions.

This small but sturdy <a href="" target="_blank">dog</a>, with his large expressive eyes and sleek coat, is so polite and well-behaved in the way he is following his owner’s orders. At first, he does not have a clue, what ‘Ring a bell’ means, he only has his head pointed upwards as if he knows that something delicious comes ahead. Once he realizes what is the price he has to pay in order to get his irresistible treat, he cannot help himself but rings the bell constantly and as many times as he can, like a play toy whose <a href="" target="_blank">batteries</a> have been broken. And when he hears ‘Good boy’ he just knows that he is on the right track to get the prize. With his large, bat-like ears and pug-like nose, he is so mischievous and clownish, totally stealing our attention.

This playful dog with his sweet nature makes everybody laugh. He is charming with a sense of humor and we can only spur him to keep ringing that bell because without it, life’s ordinary and boring.

Credit to 'lauralulu'.

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