Baby Laughs Hysterically At Rolling Ping Pong Ball

epoddlePublished: January 15, 2015Updated: January 16, 201587,339 views
Published: January 15, 2015Updated: January 16, 2015

There is a belief that babies are born as tabula rasa, a blank page, eager to write their experience of this world they live in on those pages. They have to learn everything from scratch and it’s pure survival instinct that makes them the most eligible students. Everything from the very first breath they take, to the first chew and the first coherent speech is new for them, and an absolute delight to their parents.

It is too precious to just watch your kid grow within a moment’s time. It’s like you held them in the palms of your hands only yesterday, and today they are screaming ‘mama’ at the tops of their lungs. You want to seize that moment and cherish it for the rest of your life.

We guess that this parent was extremely fascinated with the actions of his children. On one hand, there is the younger baby giggling uncontrollably while watching a ping pong ball roll and move across the floor. He follows its every move and tries to anticipate the direction it is going. On the other, the sister is just as entertaining while taking the role of the bigger sibling. She wants to teach the little tot everything she knows, and it’s absolutely adorable. You can’t help but smile endearingly at their antics. You just know that these two are going to grow up as the best of friends.

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