Elephant Makes Sure Tourists Know Who Is The King Of The Savanna

Published January 13, 2015 11,494 Plays $23.39 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeWhen you get this close to wildlife there's always some risk involved. Watch as this massive bull elephant stalks down a Land Rover full of passengers at the Thornybush Game Reserve in South Africa. Sometimes even the tour guides don't always know what to expect when they are taking a group out for a tour. Was it territorial? Protecting its young? Regardless, that's definitely an intense moment!

When you're a tourist, you never know what to expect. That is what makes these situations so much more intense. Thankfully everything ended up being alright and the tour continued without a hitch.

In a similar encounter, a pair of bulls were standing guard as their herd with about seven calves was about to cross a road. On it, a safari van full of tourists was checking out the wildlife in Maseke Game Reserve in South Africa. As the group was finally on the other side of the road, one of the females charged towards the vehicle, stomping and trumpeting to make her incentive known - ‘let us pass or we will flatten you to the ground!"

Still, that wasn’t the closest encounter with an adult bull elephant! A group of tourists had the chance to observe a bull elephant from very close as it approached their safari vehicle in Mkuze Falls, South Africa. The footage, captured in January 2016, shows the tourists staying completely still as the elephant walks by the car.

Check out this elephant chasing safari tourists.

Credit to 'TeeBag'.