Massive Lightning Bolt Strikes TV Tower

danielploetzPublished: January 12, 2015Updated: January 13, 201518,214 views
Published: January 12, 2015Updated: January 13, 2015

Nature is absolutely unpredictable. You can never be too sure what a single tiny movement might do to cause a shift in the whole ecosystem. You can’t predict an earthquake similar as to how you can not predict the weather. You can guess that it’s going to rain based on the ominous dark clouds, but you may never know if a wind sweeps in and blows them all away.

There are also a lot of mysterious occurrences in nature. It doesn’t mean that they are mythical or otherworldly, it just means that we haven’t got the technology available yet to understand and explain them. One such phenomenon is the ball lightning. Now, before you think that we’re making this up, check out this footage.

A ball lightnings is actually real. It is rarely seen, but it still exists in the natural world. Think of them as round lightnings that last a little bit longer than the normal lightning. While we know that the latter kind is caused by the different charges between the particles in the clouds and the earth, we can only assume that it is the same with these balls.

There have been many hypotheses as to how they come to be, but there is still no explanation why they are round. We only know that they can vary in size and in strength, ranging from no less than an inch to several feet in diameter. They vary in power, too, their explosion sometimes managing to destroy everything in a radius of a few feet.

What seems to be a peaceful silence is interrupted by an intense bolt of lighting right outside the window! Watch as it hits a television tower in Hamburg, Germany. Crazy!

Credit to 'danielploetz'.

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