Who are the Millions the Cartels are Shipping into the Country? No One Knows!

1 year ago

Watch RFK JR town hall here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTgpBdP8NxA

With LaRouchePAC's Tony Papert and Kesha Rogers - They used to come from Mexico and Central and South America, but no longer. Recently, 40-45% of the illegal immigrants have been coming from elsewhere. All over the world, in the Mideast, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, thousands are responding to cartel ads on social media, to be flown to Mexico, and bussed to the border on cartel buses for handoff to Border Patrol. If Border Patrol can find no criminal record and the immigrant can get someone on the phone who will agree to pick them up at the airport, they are flown anywhere in the US at taxpayer expense.

At that point they fade into the population—the government loses track of them. But the cartels do not lose track.

Tonight we can discuss the evidence which proves this, the numbers, and the effects on our people and our national security. How can it be stopped? How to undo the damage?

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