Kid Has A Total Meltdown In Toy Store Over Pokemon Cards

Published January 11, 2015 3,376 Plays

Rumble Ah, childhood. A time when everything was oh-so-simple. A time when all we cared about is having all the Pokemon cards, because you “gotta catch them all”! If anyone in your friend circle had some super rare card, you would bend over backwards in order to get it! Raid all the toy stores to find that rarity! They were precious and practically priceless!

Those were the simpler days. Today, if a kid wants something as rare, they will make sure the whole world knows it. We are talking about crying, screaming, kicking, throwing tantrums and electric shocks until they get that pack of cards! Not many of those have been caught on camera, making them a super rare Pokemon in their own right. Well, until now!

A few friends were standing around and chatting at their local Toys-R-Us store. From the looks of it, it seems they are actually comparing Pokemon and decks and which Pokemon’s power are more awesome. In the background we can see some kind of commotion going on, a mom and her son arguing over something. She’s trying to make him understand her point of view, but it doesn’t seem to strike a chord with the little man.

All of the sudden, the boy absolutely loses it on his mom for not buying him some, you guessed it, Pokemon cards! The tantrum he is throwing in the store is one for the books! He throws a berserk attack with some Beast Boost and prepares for an Electric Surge! Someone better grab this Pokemon!

Credit to 'jhn1203'.