Bald Eagle feeding frenzy

Published January 5, 2015 20,290 Views

Rumble / Wild WildlifeDozens of Bald Eagles on San Juan Island are whipped into a feeding frenzy over piles of meat and guts. Their feeding activities attract tourists, who stop by the side of the road to get a glimpse of the birds in action.

There are over 125 nesting couples of Bald Eagles on San Juan, making it a sure bet to see some of them flying over your head if you ever find yourself there. They are so common there, you might think that the residents get bored of the sight, but these birds are always magnificent to see.

Even though they are named “bald", their head are actually covered with white feathers. In fact, bald eagles have over 7000 feathers over their entire body! Gorgeous.

Have you ever seen that many bald eagles in one place? Credit to 'lordsyrinex'.