Attentive puppies watch mom and dad play

DalmatiansPublished: January 3, 2015Updated: January 14, 20151,833 plays$4.30 earned
Published: January 3, 2015Updated: January 14, 2015

How cute is this? These 5-week-old puppies have the coolest parents ever. Louie and Lady, who are the parents to these adorable puppies, are having a great time playing around with each other. These parents may not know it, but they are celebrities in the eyes of their puppies! These little guys enjoy every move their parents make! They want to be just like their parents when the grow up!

They are learning everything from their parents, so it is nice to see the parents are great role models! The puppies move their heads back and fourth watching intently, soaking in everything their cool parents do! It looks like one of the little ones is so distracted, it ends up falling off its bed! It even follows one of its parents as they start walking away.

These puppies and their parents have such a strong bond, they can't get enough of each other! They love each other so much.

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