Adorable Baby Has Hilarious Dance Moves

Published December 30, 2014 15,071 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsThere is a belief that babies are born as tabula rasa, a blank page, eager to write their experience of this world they live in on those pages. They have to learn everything from scratch and it’s pure survival instinct that makes them the most eligible students. Everything from the very first breath they take, to the first chew and the first coherent speech is new for them, and an absolute delight to their parents.

It is too precious to just watch your kid grow within a moment’s time. It’s like you held them in the palms of your hands only yesterday, and today they are screaming ‘mama’ at the tops of their lungs.

Being funny all of the time asks for a bit of practice, and luckily, this little champ has decided to start early on to become a master of his craft. The hilarious tot can be seen making some pretty hilarious dance moves for his family, eager to make them laugh. It appears that whenever his mommy says ‘dance’, he starts to headbang making her laugh silently at his expertise. It appears that his dad is sharing the same sentiment.

Children at this stage are extremely adorable. Whenever we see them trying to soak up all the knowledge in the world it makes us extremely proud of them for being so driven. We just wish we could catalogue each and every moment for further reminiscing. Ah, good times!