Bulldog Throws Temper Tantrum For His Stolen Bed

Published December 29, 2014 3,542,326 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAfter a long hard day at work, all you are dreaming about is taking off your pants and jumping into your bed. The same can be said about this Bulldog, except the pants and work part.Now this Bulldog shows us the meaning of persistence! Watch as he throws a bit of a fit when he realizes his bed is being "occupied" by someone else. Hey buddy, sharing is caring!

How would you feel if you came home, ready for bed and someone else is in it? You'd probably be a little ticked off right? Same with this little guy. He'll just have to find another place to sleep then!

But the sweet and persistent Bulldog won’t give up on his bed just yet, no siree! He is determined that he wants this bed, because it is fluffy and right next to the window, where he can watch the squirrels run around the backyard and wonder “why do they keep running all the damn time?” It is a sweet and favorite pastime of our chubby hero and he will not accept disrespect from anyone.

We love how he attempts to win his favorite nap spot back from his siblings, but we love even more how they couldn’t give a damn what their brother wants. Finders keepers, losers weepers!

Check out this Bulldog's temper tantrum.

Credit to 'ivnmacis'.

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