Determined Girl Tries To Teach Her Big Black Pooch To Hula Hoop

9 years ago

Every child needs a pet in their life because of so many reasons. Animals can teach kids some very valuable life lessons and so early on, they will surely never forget them. True friendship, sharing, fair play and unconditional love are just a few of the lessons that fur buddies can teach their not-so-furry friends without ever uttering a word. But sometimes it is our kids that can teach our pets lessons that might not always work, but are adorable to witness!

The Newfoundland named Sebastian has to be one of the greatest stars on the internet, along with his tiny buddy Sierra! Such a big dog and such a tiny little girl, who could resist them? Sebastian is Sierra's best friend and they share everything together - they play hide-and-seek and they both like to cuddle.

Little Sierra is on a mission in this video! She is determined to teach her big fluffy Sebastian the tricks of the hula hoop! She takes two hoops and gives the bigger one to Sebastian, because he's bigger too. But the slobbering pooch doesn't seem to get it, so Sierra shows him how and boy, oh boy does she know how to hula hoop!

That has to be one of the cutest lessons you'll ever see!

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