Driver Shows Drifting Skills With A John Deere Tractor

Published December 24, 2014 335,617 Views $367.24 earned

Rumble As soon as snow falls, adventurous drivers immediately go drifting in the snow and have the time of their lives. Drivers who seek their adrenaline rush find snow drifting very satisfying and dangerous at the same time! That is why they cannot wait for the first snowfall to have a nice drift.

Those who enjoy snow and drifting, often engage in wild adventures and get their adrenaline pumping. However, the sight of drifting is different when you have this heavy machine swinging around.

Tractors are heavy vehicles, they are slow to drive and usually don’t serve the purpose of satisfying speed-drivers, but sometimes, if driven wisely and in perfect weather conditions, these machines can have high performance. This video is a real proof!

It must be real fun to have a two ton weight tractor in the snow and take it for a drift!
This footage shows a John Deere tractor doing a real power drift. Watch this driver show off his driving skills and spins the tractor as if it was light as a feather.

You have to really love snow and drifting to go on drifting with tractors. This amazing drifting video is very pleasing to watch, it will blow your mind and urge you to test your drifting skills.

Credit to 'cseh_17'