Stubborn Husky Conflicted About Walk Refuses To Wear Dog Collar

Published December 23, 2014 43,968 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA hilarious footage has emerged of a stubborn Husky demanding to go for a walk while protesting against the walking leash! Sasha the Husky wants to go for a walk, but she doesn't want to wear her annoying collar! This is Husky logic at its finest. How cute!

Having a dog is a massive responsibility. We treat them like our babies and we have to teach them basic domestic manners to keep them healthy and ourselves happy.

That is the case with this spoiled dog for which is more than evident that his human parents love him to bits. He has been behaving like a little child though, refusing to wear a leash when going for a walk outside!

It is obvious that Sasha doesn’t like the dog collar and the walking leash and has found a perfect way to boycott it. Maybe she thinks that it is a waste of time, or maybe she just doesn’t want the feeling of being controlled. Sasha knows exactly what she wants and knows how to get herself out of trouble!

Footage shows owner trying to get the collar on his stubborn Husky but to no avail! Sasha knows how to put up a fight and won’t stop unless she has it herway! This is one dog that loves to be in charge!

She can be very stubborn and difficult at times, but it's all in good fun, and her stubborn nature is relatively harmless. Since she's so stubborn and doesn't listen 100% of the time, her owners don't let her off leash because she would likely ignore them if they called for her to return! She is acting just like a toddler!