Cat Fight Chartreux vs Garfield

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Published: December 22, 2014

Cat Fight between our Gray Chartreux and a Garfield look alike. Both stray cats face off, one was rescued the other Garfield one is still a stray. The grey cat now adopted by our family was being territorial protecting home base. He's now a indoor and outdoor cat.

How this occurred on a hot summer day on May 27, 2014 was. We thought that Gray actually had liked this cat and we swore the orange tabby looking cat was a female. So we allowed him to meet up with the orange one. Then you folks see what turned out to be a totally different meeting from what we first had perceived. As you'll see who took the first strike!

Gray was yelling in our home for weeks to get the opportunity to face-off with this big orange cat. We never knew it was because that cat kept taunting him, and Gray is very territorial. We were amazed to see their behavior after the cat fight ended and the demeanor of both cats. We do wish humans thought to act in such mannerisms after fighting, but I guess we're far more ferocious then animals these days, well some of us that is.

Any comments feel free to drop them below. Thanks for watching and please do subscribe to watch more of Gray's life and experiences he's such a loving friendly cat when he's not at war with any other dominant stray cats outside our home.

Chartreux Facts:
Strong physically, loving, easy to get along with, play well with children, great travelers, fun to play with, amazing champion fighters, trainable, they love being cuddled and cared for. Oh and they are very smart so they will try to open closed doors by any means necessary Gray does it all the time :)

Tips for training strays to live at home with you:
Never hit them nor discipline them for any reasons. Instead get toys for them to play with, and don't allow anyone to abuse them including and especially children. Cats are emotional animals that require tender loving care, and so if they are scratching never promote such a behavior. This we learned from doing our research on Google and from various cat educational resources.

There's tons more cute cat facts for these grey colored cuties, and tips to come. We learned that Chartreux's are actually a rare breed from France as well. That particular information can be found on

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Thanks again for caring to give our video a good look. We seek to someday help more strays to be saved from the cold mean streets of New York City.

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