Incredibly Talented Pianist Plays 23 Notes Per Second

Published December 19, 2014 5,900,194 Views

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleThe piano is one of the most elegant and graceful instruments and it helped create some of the best pieces of music in the world. Discovering new and exciting ways to use this instrument is always fun to hear (and watch), and some people have developed their piano playing skills to such a level that we almost can't believe our eyes.

Some might argue but the greatest symphonies were created on a piano. It’s way easier to play those keys and create the melody that’s been swirling in your head than to grab your violin and try to recreate it. It’s even easier to visualise the chords on the piano because they are there in front of our eyes in a black and white pattern. It’s almost like a spreadsheet and it gets the job done faster that expected.

This incredibly talented virtuoso has the most amazing skills and his hand movements are almost impossible to follow! It really is a great feat trying to play the keys that fast and actually make them sound somewhat cohesive. Way to go!

This is definitely not your average piano player. Take a look at this footage filmed in Moscow, Russia where this virtuoso displays his incredible talent as he performs 23 notes per second! How amazing is that? Do you think you could do this? Do you have any other special talents you are very good at?

Credit to 'LordStudio'.

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