8 years ago

Clever Dog Finds Toddler Hiding In Backyard

Sebastian and Sierra are back at it again with another game of hide and seek! Watch as the giant Newfoundland dog searches the family's backyard for Sierra. Will he find her?

As the cute little girl named Sierra yells the cue “I'm ready", her adorable pooch Sebastian starts to look for her in the most precious game of hide and seek. He's very excited, and the girl helps him a bit by letting him hear her.

At first, Sebastian is a little confused. Is she by the pool? No. Maybe over by her bike. Not there. He is turning left and right when he hears Sierra's voice going “chip, chip", as if to help him find her. He turns towards the sound, but she's not there? Maybe over by the barbecue?

Just when we thought that maybe he will just give up the search, the massive pooch does what he knows best and sniffs the toddler out! He starts over by the windows and just a little closer to the bench...ah, there is Sierra!

He is so happy that he found his tiny human and is almost instantly ready to go at it again. The whole thing was caught on video by mommy. Such an adorable moment!

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