Cat Shows Extreme Dose Of Patience With Energetic Dog

Published December 17, 2014 93,026 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe difference between dogs and cats is extreme, in fact, other than being the most favorite pets in every house, they have nothing else in common. The way they play and hang out with their owners is something that is pretty characteristic for every pet. While dogs are very energetic and friendly to humans, cats are nothing like that. Cats love to stay at home all day long and chill on the couch. On the other hand, your dog needs more space to fool around and most canines want to be outside as much as possible.

In this video, we can see a Pit Bull pooch with high doses of energy trying to make a new friend. Except of the fact that his new ‘friend’ is a domestic cat, who is not that into his little game. The dog did nothing wrong to the cat, other than annoy her big time. Nonetheless, cat’s reaction is priceless. Being so calm and doing nothing while the dog jumps and barks so outrageously around her, she sure deserves a medal honor! This cat sure knows how to give a passive treatment!

Considered as the largest domesticated breed of cats, we have so much to learn from the Maine Coon. This highly tolerant kitty cat shows us the true meaning of patience. Watch how chilled he is as he deals with the family Pit Bull canine, who may be just a little bit too excited to make a new friend out of her.

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Credit to 'tglander99'.


  • Sanash, 3 years ago

    Stop laughing and help the cat.

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  • postal67, 3 years ago

    Great! The next cat will have claws and a bad attitude. Rip his face all to hell.. Those owners need to be shot

    2 rumbles
  • TkarenG, 3 years ago

    That dog sucks.

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  • thewizardofaz, 3 years ago

    I have a Westie who teases my mama cat like this. She refuses to come around the corner if he's waiting under the chair next to my bed. If he does get to her, she smacks him in the face just like this guy.

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  • rassimbog, 1 year ago

    типичный кот и собака

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