Talented English Bulldog Dances At The Foot Of The Bed Together With Owner

Dennisparson04 Published December 9, 2014 5,140 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAn adorable footage has emerged of a lazy English bulldog dancing to a pop song. According to his owner, this adorable pooch named "Brutus", loves to dance whenever music hits his ears.

There's a party on the bed. Check out this adorable footage of a cute bulldog dancing alongside his owner. He has quite the charm and positive energy which will sure make your day. Watch as he his groovy moves into action!

This lazy pooch certainly has the talent for dancing and wants to move its body to the rhythm but fails to move its fat bottom from the bed, and engages in a funny bottom dance on the bed, shaking its humps to the music. Watch how he puts so much effort into "impressing" his owner by shaking what his momma gave him! Adorable!

Brutus apparently loves to dance, but unlike traditional dancing with them happy feet, he has mastered a new lazy technique to satisfy his taste of shaking its booty. This is how he shows off his best moves, sitting next to owner. Watching this adorable pooch makes us want to sign him up for a talent show!

Unlike poodles, who tend to stand on their back feet and move their happy feet to the rhythm, putting on a decent dance performance, moving their tiny paws in the air, Brutus decided to engage in a bed dance, trying to move as little muscles as possible but yet shake its body to the music. This sweet little puppy will put you in a great mood.