Baby Boy Meets Twins Girls And His Face Says It All

8 years ago

Everybody, meet Landon. He is the toddler sitting in the armchair between the two adorable baby twins. Yes, one chair fits all, but the image of much tinier versions of baby doesn’t fit Landon’s life perspectives. He is turning left and right as if checking and double checking whether the twins are one or two different persons. The expression on his face is one of sheer confusion and astonishment. The twin on the left is uncomfortable and is pretty vocal about it, while twin on the right seems to enjoy the situation. You see three babies, and also three different budding personalities.

Set the entertainment component aside; the video is an excellent example of how babies develop different communication skills at different times. As utterly helpless creatures, incapable of walking or talking, with insufficiently developed sight and hearing, babies have little experience or self-directed interaction with the world, they are forever ready to learn more. While the communication betwixt babies will forever remain a thing of mystery to observing adults, knowing how babies interact with their environment should unveil a bit about these connections.

When together, babies can interact somewhat, although their attention is more diverted towards shiny objects or toys. This is universal, and parents should not be worried or uncomfortable when their baby ignores other babies. When they do interact with each other, most babies are oblivious that other infants are somewhat similar to themselves, and, using their senses, they will ‘explore’ these new creatures - hit, poke, smell and taste. When they discover that other babies are not harmful, they will imitate the other’s noises and unfortunately begin to cry or scream when another does.

Oh man, he looks so confused! Does he see double? Are they doing some trick on him? His reaction is without a doubt priceless and so amazing! The look of sheer and utter confusion on the lovely baby face is downright adorable. This cutie keeps studying both of the baby’s faces, and the babies are the so precious and so frickin’ cute! No matter what they do, they always find a way to put a smile on our faces!

Raising kids is one of the most worthwhile things you can do in your life. There is no job more important than parenting, and when these parents make cute videos like this, they make the Internet a better place. Cutest video ever!

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