Man Spots Hammerhead Shark, Dives In To Get A Better Look

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Published: December 9, 2014

Forest Galante was fishing with friends off the California coast near Anacapa Island when they spotted a Hammerhead shark circling their boat. Instead of staying safely on board, the daredevil decided to grab a hold of his GoPro camera and dove straight into the water with fellow diver Adam Schewitz to get a better view.

The shark was equally curious of the newcomers so it approached them. That is an awesome thing to experience, right? Now if it happens like it did these two. The shark actually wanted to get real close to the humans, if you catch our drift. The animal swam so fast around the men, that at one point you can hear Forest releasing some panicked screams underneath his scuba equipment, while trying to keep his camera on the shark and his hide on his back.

The shark ended up approaching closer than anticipated, and the two luckily managed to get out of the water unharmed.

This kind of shark is well known for its ability to make very sudden and sharp turns. Not only does the hammer act as an organ of balance, but its body seems to be specifically designed to twist and bend.

Believe it or not, the Hammerhead has the ability to sport a nice tan! They are one of very few animals who tan from the sun. This happens to the shark because Hammerheads are often cruising in shallow water or near the surface for extended periods of time. How cool is that?

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