Pot Roast in cast iron -video recipe

Published December 5, 2014 8 Views

Rumble Since we had our 1st cold snap! here in Texas! I decided to bring our cooking adventure INDOORS! =) I whipped up a " Pot Roast" Cooked in Cast iron..
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for this recipe you will need
3-5 pounds of beef chuck roast
some potatoes
and onions
You will wanna brown meat on all sides including edges.;
then deglaze pan with onions and a can of Beer. once you have deglazed pan season meat and cover with aluminum foil or cover if you're using a dutch oven. then place in a 275 degree f oven and let it cook about 3 to 3 and a half hours. after 3.5 hours you can add the Veg. and give it a final seasoning we used salt pepper and Tango Spice Southwest Sunset you can visit his store HERE!! http://www.tangospice.com/ Thank you for watching
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