How The London Sky Would Look Like During Total Darkness

Published December 5, 2014 371,186 Views

Rumble / SpaceNights in urban cities like London are bathing in light and the only part of the day when people feel like seeing the sky and stars closely, overwhelmed by the universe mysteries, light pollution makes the night sky invisible. The night sky, one of the most beautiful of natural wonders is extinguished from view. That is where this simulation of a time lapse comes into play.

A clear summer evening in London. As darkness falls, the light of the Sun is replaced by the glow of the city. But if the lights were to be switched off then the invisible would become visible. The concept of ‘Blackout city’ is well-developed by Nicholas Buer- a Uk-based photographer. He shows an experimental time lapse film that makes the invisible, visible. Nicholas helps people see what the night sky would look like if there were to be a total blackout in the South East of England on a clear, moonless, summer night.

People might find darkness strange and living in the heart of the city, they are used to having the warming, orange glow of street lamps outside windows. But the blackness in this simulation is something that nobody have experienced so far-one that is almost absolute. By tilting the head skyward, a millions of bright stars could be seen clearly dotted on the black canvas of night. The pitch-dark curtain draped over the sky and the twisted shapes that stars make against the blackness is something that could never escape one’s memory. The milky speckles are dancing along the sky in various patterns and the whole view makes you only smile. Staring at this starry sky calms the storm in one’s heart and frees one’s mind.

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