Parrot scares curious cat

Published December 5, 2014 8,505 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensThis cat is intrigued by his new caged friend and begins to inspect the situation. However, when the parrot becomes too nervous he sends the cat straight off the dresser in surprise. Hilarious! Credit to 'SchneiderYuri1'.


  • Jenny, 3 years ago

    That's a parakeet, not a parrot!

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    • Lokilok, 2 years ago

      As annoying as it is to see everyone calling them "parrots", instead of just "parakeets"... They are parrots.

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      • Zoonotics, 2 years ago

        NO, Lokilok, The bird in the video IS a parakeet. It is absolutely NOT a parrot. Parrots and parakeets are 2 DISTINCT bird types of the parrot-like family of birds called Psittacidae which also contains lories and lorikeets. So, calling budgies, parrots is biologically incorrect.

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