Extreme jet fighter takeoffs

AviationPhotojournalPublished: November 30, 2014Updated: December 1, 201439,908 views
Published: November 30, 2014Updated: December 1, 2014

Air shows always manage to draw a big crowd. People of all ages gather at a certain location to watch all of these talented pilots fly by, accompanied by the ridiculously loud trail of sound that follows. While there, an observer can expect to see some sort of unique flying style, whether it is breaking the sound barrier, or performing amazing stunts. What they don't see is these magnificent machines taking off to do their job.

Intense footage of afterburner takeoffs from Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, USA during the 2014 Nellis Open House. Included are F-16 Vipers, F-15 Eagles and A-10 Warthogs.

Would you ever consider flying a plane? What about mastering the art so that you can use these jets in action? Not all people are game for that, but you can be sure that flying is a passion for many. Be sure to visit https://rumble.com to check out other awesome videos.

Check out these fighter jet takeoffs.

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    craigb · 1 year ago

    F-16 Viper? Wrong! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Dynamics_F-16_Fighting_Falcon

    • 1 rumble
      craigb · 1 year ago

      Nothing extreme about those take offs. Click bait.

    • 1 rumble
      JollyRogerPhoto · 1 year ago

      From the same article: "The F-16's official name is "Fighting Falcon", but "Viper" is commonly used by its pilots and crews, due to a perceived resemblance to a viper snake as well as the Colonial Viper starfighter on Battlestar Galactica."

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    wimpee · 1 year ago

    Whh do you have that dumb triangle in the middle pf the picture?

    • 1 rumble
      JollyRogerPhoto · 1 year ago

      If you click it, something magical happens...