Time Lapse Video Of An Incredible Spray Paint Flower Art

Published November 18, 2014 1 Plays

Rumble / Time LapsesAerography or airbrushing is a technique for applying artistic images to different surfaces with a liquid or powdery dye using compressed air. Drawings are applied using a special device, which is called an airbrush. The airbrush (in general it is a spray) provides a continuous stream of paint. The width of the jet is adjustable - so you can get rough strokes and smears thinner. After applying the paint, the pattern is allowed to dry and then covered with several layers of fixing varnish. This pattern becomes indelible.

Aerography or spray painting is used professionally, as a business, for painting on cars, also the drawing of mobile phones, refrigerators, computers, skateboards, nails in cosmetic salons etc. The common denominator in the given examples is that aerography becomes an important branch of the modern arts that is applied everywhere. It is a vibrant new trend in painting that attracts artists all over the world.

This video shows the talented artist Samuel Bialkowski in his process of creating an incredibly detailed flower portrait using ordinary spray cans. Watch him in action in this impressive time-lapse! Samuel Bialkowski is a 27-year old Polish self-taught author who is relentless in seeing the boundaries of his talent. His every attempt into whatever draws his interest shoes a striking success: experimenting with cartoons, manga and anime, drawing portrait from photographs, sewing, photography, canvas painting. In 2012 he got interested in spray painting which he considers a breakthrough in his career.